Instructions for Oral Presentations

Preparing the presentation

When you prepare the presentation, please keep in mind that:

  • All projectors can handle 16:9 aspect ratio (Extron scaler).
  • The time slot for oral presentations varies from 18 to 22 min depending on decisions by the workshop chairs on the session contents. To find the time available for your presentation, please locate your session on the GSW 2021 programme and check the abstract of your session page. Please leave some 3-5 minutes of your time slot available for questions and time to switch to the next presentation.
  • The oral presentation will be accurately timed, so make sure you will finish nicely in time. The chair of the session will stand up when you have 1 min left, and come standing next to you if you do not finish in time.
  • There is no official GSW 2021 presentation template, please use a template from your home university / institution.

At the GSW2021

The day of your presentation you should consider that:

  • For a smooth progress of the session we ask the presenting author to be in the session room 15 minutes before the session starts (not your own talk, but the session) and announce your presence to the local organizers in the room and the chairs of that session.
  • Please bring a USB stick with your presentation (PowerPoint or PDF) and upload it before the session starts on the PC available in the room of your session.
  • In each session, a single conference PC is used for all presentations.
  • The PC is a Windows notebook, with the following software: Adobe Acrobat Reader, Microsoft PowerPoint, and VLC media player.
  • If you are using video in your presentation, please check whether it correctly runs 15 minutes before the session starts.
  • Presenters also have the possibility to use their own laptop for their presentation, if they want to use that instead, e.g. for running software demos. Please check the laptop connection to the projector 15 minutes before the session starts. All rooms offer three laptop connections: HDMI, VGA and mini DisplayPort (for Mac). Specific Mac-adapters are NOT available in the rooms and need to be brought by yourself.

Further information

Power usage (if you are preparing e.g. in a hotel): Note that in the UAE the mains have an AC voltage of 230 Volts, at 50 Hz. The used power sockets are of Type G: This socket has no alternative plugs , see link: We will supply extension cords.