Instructions for Poster Presentations

Poster Design and Presentation

When you prepare your poster, please in mind the following instructions:

  • Prepare a poster of size A0 (84.1cm x 118.9cm) in portrait orientation in advance. If you do not want to carry the poster with you, it can be printed at the campus. 
  • Design the space allocation in your poster carefully using several well-balanced sections including title, objectives, methodology, input data, case study, results, analysis, conclusions, etc. All sections should be well-presented using coloured paper or a colourfully painted border. Sections may be connected by arrows to show the flow of study.
  • There is no GSW 2019 poster template. You can use a template from your home institution.
  • Use large characters that are at least 1 cm high and have a line width of at least 1 mm; the larger, the better.
  • Give each section a title and a brief explanation.

Poster Display

On the map in the programme booklet you will receive on arrival, you will find the area in the building where your poster should be displayed. The poster board for your poster will be marked with your paper number. The poster should be set up before the poster session starts and should stay on display until 17:30 hours. Adhesive tape (Velcro) will be provided to fix the poster on the poster board. 

Please remove your poster after 17:30 hours.